September 05, 2008

Multichannel Forensics A to Z: Transfer Mode

In Multichannel Forensics "Transfer Mode" is a situation caused by customers moving from one product, brand or channel to another.

These are the situations that disrupt established business models. Customers transfer from CDs to MP3s. Customers transfer from SUVs to small hybrid vehicles. Customers transfer from newspapers to internet-based news sources.

Our job is to evaluate trends that are in Equilibrium Mode, evaluating the repurchase indices for persistent increases. Persistent increases suggest a growing trend, one management is wise to heed.

Imagine if record labels had embraced file sharing and MP3s? Imagine if newspapers embraced new media instead of holding on to paper? Imagine if GM or Ford had their version of the Prius before Toyota?

Transfer Mode is the most frightening of the modes in Multichannel Forensics. It also offers the most opportunity for those who have the vision to see how trends might play out.

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