September 16, 2008

Hillstrom's Zip Code Forensics: Download The Paper

The vast majority of the work has been done in the beta version of Hillstrom's Zip Code Forensics!

Hillstrom's Zip Code Forensics classify each zip code in the United States on the propensity for residents of that zip code to shop via traditional direct marketing (catalogs) or via e-commerce. Furthermore, the segmentation strategy classifies zip codes on the basis of overall productivity, illustrating zip codes that are highly productive, and those that are generally unproductive. The segmentation strategy is based on nearly a billion dollars of sales across a dozen leading direct marketers.

There are six segments in Hillstrom's Zip Code Forensics. From Catalog Crazies to Online Bliss, you'll see your business in a whole new light, having the ability to filter out unproductive names from your marginal segments.

If you are interested in participating in and purchasing Hillstrom's Zip Code Forensics and wish to learn more about the six segments, please download a paper on Hillstrom's Zip Code Forensics here.


  1. This is fascinating stuff and should really impact the results of all targeted marketing efforts.

    Have you had clients test your results recently? If so, could you share their perceptions as to whether they intend to expand the use of this data? Are you looking for beta testers?

  2. We back-tested results for three brands ... the average results are listed in the paper referenced in the post.

    Sounds like most folks will use this against lapsed segments that are at or below break-even, with some using the segments against outside lists.

    If somebody wants to test it against lapsed customers in a prior mailing, give a holler.

  3. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Oops. Sorry Kevin. I missed the reference.

    I think I was commenting on your September 17 post and had not read this one. Not sure what happened.

    I have downloaded the referenced report and will study it.


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