July 26, 2008

More On Micro-Channels And Zappos

Zappos, the e-commerce purveyor of shoes, utilizes micro-channels as part of their marketing strategy.

Here's how Zappos leverages Twitter.

And here, Zappos embraces a YouTube channel.

There's the little things they do, as illustrated on Flickr.

Maybe you've seen their ads in shoe trays at the airport?

Zappos will circulate a magalog to 1,000,000 folks in the near future.

They experimented with television ads.

Employees get to share the culture with customers.

Upgrades to the site are tested publicly --- would your IT staff try out a beta site with the public before launching it?

You can look through the comments of this blog post to see what a customer said about Zappos.

And then there's the things they don't brag about, like the kind gesture they gave to this woman.

Our future increasingly suggests that we'll apply several hundred advertising micro-channels to acquire the same number of customers we used to acquire with two or three customer acquisition strategies. These are tactics that we're not entirely comfortable with, tactics that don't have an immediate ROI, but many are measurable. Many of these activities will fail, some will succeed.

We owe it to ourselves to experiment, to try new stuff --- especially now.

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