May 06, 2008

Seasonal Buyers

When times are tough, and profit is of the utmost importance, take a look at buyers who purchase seasonally.

For instance, today is May 6. There are two kinds of customers who may have varying levels of response in May.
  • Customers who last purchased (or first purchased) in May 2007, May 2006, May 2005, May 2004, May 2003, you get the picture. If these customers only purchase in April, May or June, they're worth taking another shot at during May 2008.
  • Customers who last purchased (or first purchased) in December 2007, December 2006, December 2005, December 2004, December 2003. These are holiday shoppers, and they don't generally care that "spring is gardening season". Save your pennies!
Seasonal buyers --- you're not likely to hear about this little profit-saving trick from the purveyors of today's "best practices".

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