May 16, 2008

Multichannel Skills

Today I am hosting a rummage sale.

A family stopped by, looked at various items, discussed the items in their native language, then spoke to me in English.

From a negotiating standpoint, they had an inherent advantage.

Which brings us to the art known as multichannel marketing.

Why do so many of us elect to focus on one aspect of multichannel marketing, without being well-versed in other areas? Web Analytics, E-Mail Marketing, Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Catalog Marketing, Paid Search, Affiliate Marketing, Portal Marketing, Newspaper Advertising, Radio Advertising, Television Advertising, Social Media --- we pick our niche, and try our hardest to become an expert in that niche.

Granted, there is nothing wrong with doing a deep dive in one particular area of marketing. For the generalist, knowing 50% about each of a dozen different crafts is worth more than knowing 100% of one niche.

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