May 18, 2008

For The Price Of Two Lattes

You might be interested to learn that sixty percent (60%) of loyal readers purchasing Hillstrom's Multichannel Secrets chose the e-book option.

The e-book version is significantly discounted ... for just $7.95, you obtain fifty-nine secrets every CEO can use to improve profitability. The paperback version of the book sells for $14.95 (and in case you were wondering, I make less money on the e-book version of Hillstrom's Multichannel Secrets).

Honestly, folks, what kind of world do we live in where fifty-nine multichannel secrets that help multichannel CEOs and Executives improve profitability cost the same amount as two lattes from Starbucks?

Folks, you probably shouldn't use your corporate account to purchase a latte for you and the account representative from Google that is visiting your office today. But using your corporate account to purchase Hillstrom's Multichannel Secrets makes business sense!

At $7.95 for the e-book version, your company probably needs to increase net sales by $35 or less to make up for the cost of the e-book (or just $75 to make up for the cost of a paperback book and shipping).

Even better, you get the e-book immediately ... you don't have to wait a week for printing/shipping. You pay less, and you get your product now! Now, you won't get the cover art or back cover information with the e-book version, but you do get all of the content.

So pull out your corporate credit card, and give the book a try!!

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

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