May 11, 2008

It's Here!! Hillstrom's Multichannel Secrets

It took longer than expected. Now, "Hillstrom's Multichannel Secrets" is finally available!!

This handbook features "Fifty-Nine Facts Every CEO Can Use To Improve Profitability".

You won't find any fancy charts, beautiful images, or complex mathematics in this book. Instead, you will discover secrets that multichannel marketers often know, but seldom talk about publicly.

The book is geared toward the multichannel CEO or executive, though all multichannel leaders and employees should find the content valuable. Our industry has been way too secretive when it comes to understanding true multichannel issues. This handbook seeks to break down some of the glass walls that separate leaders from information.

I am pleased to offer this handbook via Lulu, a self-publishing, print-on-demand service that is perfect for subjects that may not fill an 80,000 word, 300 page book to an important but less-than-mass audience.

The book costs $14.95 (a download version is just $7.95), and can be purchased by clicking on the button below (or via this link):

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

At next week's ACCM conference, I will gladly give a limited number of free books to folks who wants to chat about Multichannel Forensics or challenges facing the multichannel/catalog industry. Send me an e-mail to schedule some time on Tuesday, May 20 or Wednesday morning, May 21.

This week, I will share some additional facts about a handful of the secrets outlined in the book. Stay tuned!


  1. 100% unsolicited and unpaid endorsement:

    "This is a great book. If you're a multichannel marketer, buy it. Given its low cost and its wealth of ideas, buying this e-book will be your highest ROI action year to date."

    -- Alan Rimm-Kaufman

  2. How nice of you, thanks!!


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