May 21, 2008

ACCM 2008: Lehman's Country Life And Lenser Marketing

Glenda Ervin, VP of Marketing at Lehman's, shared information about a blog that supports her business in a presentation hosted by Lenser Marketing.

The Blog: Lehman's Country Life.

The most popular question I fielded this week was "... how can I save money mailing catalogs to online shoppers?"

The second most popular question I fielded this week was "... does all that social media and blog stuff really work?"

I'll address the latter question in an upcoming post, illustrating how a small business generates leads via a blog.

And I will say this about Lenser Marketing. I often disagree with their views on Multichannel Issues. But they do take a leadership role on the topic, and they do a reasonable job of measuring multichannel issues. They deserve to be commended for that.

Their newsletter is also worth a read (click here for the Lenser Newsletter).

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