April 06, 2008

Catalogers Utilize Micro-Channels, Social Media, And Community

Take a peek at the ways catalogers are utilizing what I call "micro-channels" to communicate with consumers.

Stork Avenue offers a series of lifestyle e-mail newsletters called Stork Avenue News, keeping you up to date on Pregnancy News, Parenting News, Featured Products, and offers an RSS feed.

At the Posh Cravings community page, one can join the "Mamma's With Mojo" community. There appear to be four personas that can be subscribed to via RSS, including Eventually Eliza, Syd Says, Allie's Aboard, and It's Isabelle!

The Alternative Energy Store hosts a community page for loyal customers and prospects, featuring customer stories, a customer gallery, and a series of forums. They even feature a series of classes and webinars.

The Mepps Fishing Guide catalog utilizes RSS to communicate news about fishing new lakes, new lodges and guides, and redfishing.

The Academic Superstore archives newsletters that offer helpful tips to different audiences.

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