March 07, 2008

Multichannel Comp Store Sales

As Dr. Johnny Fever said on WKRP in Cincinnati, back in the 1970s: "Chips are falling!"

Brilliant merchandising and presentation coupled with a thorough understanding of the needs of your target customer, now that's where it's at. Where's the strength in being "multichannel" when you review these numbers?

Nordstrom: -5.8% (much bigger drop in full-line sales).

Neiman Marcus: -7.3%.

J.C. Penney: -6.7%.

Kohls: -3.8%.

Dillards: -2.0%.

Saks: +3.4%. Woo-hoo.

Bon-Ton: -7.2%.

Wal-Mart: +2.6%.

Target: +0.5%.

Pacific Sunwear: +6.0%.

Aeropostale: +7.0%.

Ann Taylor: -1.7%.

Chicos: -14.9%.

Gap: -6.0%.

TJX: +3.0%.

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