One Positive Day: Roska Direct

As you know, my small contribution to a positive blogosphere happens on the first of the month.

I spent time last week with the folks at Roska Direct, while speaking at the DMEF Symposium in Philadelphia.

John Roska, Chairman and CEO, believes in developing people. He gives folks the opportunity to do things that some leaders might want more experienced people to accomplish.

Mr. Roska made an interesting comment over lunch. He mentioned that folks always want to hire people "with experience". He said he'd rather "create experiences" for individuals.

A novel idea. I've always been guilty of trying to hire "experience". And in many jobs, that's important. I was nearly fired once for trying to train an individual "on the job" ... I had to suffer the consequences of training a person while needing to get things done now.

But for the most part, I think what Mr. Roska is doing is a good thing, so kudos to the Roska Direct team!