October 08, 2007

An Innovative Twist

Nearly 2,000 of you have downloaded the Multichannel Forensics white paper. Some of you pre-ordered the book.

For the most part, I considered that a success.

Then I received an e-mail from an individual who read the white paper. This person figured out all of the calculations, and did the math for this person's business ... accurately!

Better yet, this individual applied the methodology in a manner I never intended for it to be applied.

It's interesting ... folks are strongly encouraging e-mail marketers and web analytics professionals to apply uniform standards to these professions. With each passing day, we squeeze more and more innovation out of e-commerce. You see it via bland, templated e-mail campaigns generating a miserable sixteen cents per e-mail delivered. You see it via similar website designs, with similar promotions and similar shopping carts and similar search functionality and similar landing pages and similar products and similar prices.

I never considered that somebody would use the Multichannel Forensics framework differently than I intended for it to be used.

We're all better off when this happens.

How have you used Multichannel Forensics in your business? What have you learned? Better yet, are you using the framework in a new, unique, innovative manner?


  1. Hi, Kevin --

    Our mar/comm agency has just begun to work with the kind of data that allow for your Forensics. We're still in our infancy with our (non-catalog) clients, but the perspective your methodology provides is helping quite a bit.

    Thanks for sharing these insights.

  2. Good. Glad to hear folks are getting some mileage out of the methodology!


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