A Question For E-Mail Multichannel Marketers

Ok e-mail marketers, here's a question for you:

You send a catalog to customers on Monday, expecting to get $3.00 demand per catalog.

Next, you send an e-mail campaign to customers on Wednesday, expecting to yield $0.20 demand per e-mail sent.

A customer receives both the catalog, and the e-mail campaign. The customer does not open the e-mail campaign, does not click-through the e-mail to the website.

On Sunday, the customer visits the website, and chooses to order merchandise. The customer spends $100.00.

I have a feeling that the catalog marketers want credit for the full $100.00 order.

I want to hear from you, the e-mail marketer. How much of the $100.00 order should be allocated to the marketing activity you executed on Wednesday?