September 01, 2007

One Positive Day: Appalachian State

I like to start the month with positive news. If you live in the state of Michigan, outside of East Lansing, please close your eyes.

Fans of College Football rejoiced today as tiny Appalachian State traveled to Ann Arbor, and upset #5 Michigan 34-32, in front of about 107,000 fans.

Appalachian State's stadium seats a little over 16,000 fans. Small schools often travel to play at big schools, and in exchange for the drubbing they usually suffer, they earn a nice paycheck ... in this case, Appalachian State was paid $400,000.

On this day, Appalachian State deserved to be on the field with Michigan. They played with heart, passion, and energy. Sometimes the underdog wins because the favored team plays poorly. That didn't happen today.

How many times have you faced insurmountable odds at work? Probably daily, huh?

In sports, you have no choice but to face Goliath, the schedule dictates it.

At work, we often do everything possible to avoid Goliath. There's probably twenty dozen instances where I knew my President or EVP wouldn't approve some strategy I wanted to employ. I've come within a whisker of being fired when going up against Goliath.

How often do you have a strategy you want to employ, but believe you can't possibly "win"?

Every once in awhile, the little guy does win. Try!

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