August 21, 2007

E-Mail Quiz

Your sell apparel to customers. You have two versions of an e-mail campaign that will be delivered next week ... a Mens version, and a Womens version.

These three customers have different historical behavior. Which version (Mens or Womens) would you send to each customer?

Customer #1: Spent $200 on Mens merchandise eleven months ago. Spent $50 on Womens merchandise earlier this month.

Customer #2: Spent $200 on Mens merchandise eleven months ago. Put a Womens item in the shopping cart earlier this month, but did not purchase it.

Customer #3: Spent $200 on Mens merchandise earlier this month. Customer filled out an online form yesterday saying customer wants to receive Womens e-mail campaigns.

We have a lot of folks responsible for executing e-mail campaigns who subscribe to this blog. Which version would you assign to each customer? What analytical techniques would you employ to determine which version the customer receives? Do you focus on which version is most profitable, based on past behavior? Discuss your thoughts with the audience!

My experience: Recent Purchases > Older Purchases > Recent Shopping Cart > Recently Viewed Items > Stated Preferences > Demographics / Lifestyle Information


  1. I think it's obvious--I would send the Womens' version to all three of these!

  2. Even for customer number two?

    There are folks who are testing these concepts, and they are learning some very interesting findings about customer behavior.


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