May 27, 2007

Marks And Spencer: Reviving A Brand

If there was ever a good time to spend six dollars on an article from Harvard Business Online, today is that day.

The article, "Back In Fashion, How We're Reviving A British Icon", is written by Stuart Rose, the CEO of Marks & Spencer, a gigantic British retailer.

He took over the reigns of the struggling retailer in 2004. He fired the consultants. He focused on what is important ... product, store experience, and customer service. He had to cut staff, and did so. He asked folks to stop hiding behind data, and to stop being paralyzed by what data suggested.

He outlines marketing and advertising activities that aligned with his vision of the business.

More than anything, he asks employees to focus on the basics, to believe their "gut" feelings about products, to take care of customers. This article is a great case study in doing small things that result in solid business performance.

If you're looking for the next "big idea", don't read this article. If you're looking to build your business by focusing on the basics, Mr. Rose leads you through a case study that outlines how this happens.

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