May 27, 2007

Friends Of MineThatData, May 27, 2007

Here are the top ten blogs in the Friends of MineThatData for May 2007. Please take a look at the content these authors are writing.

1 = Occam's Razor, 7.0
2 = Customers Rock!, 4.7
3 = Juice Analytics, 3.8
4 = Rimm-Kaufman Group, 3.2
5 = Marketing ROI, 2.9
6 = Sports Marketing 2.0, 2.7
7 = Marketing Productivity Blog, 2.6
8 = Luna Metrics, 2.5 (was 4.8 prior to new URL).
9 = Profitable Marketing, 1.8
10 = Data Mining Research, 1.6
10 = Digital Solid 1.6


  1. Great list - added a bunch of these to my reader. How did you generate the list?

  2. In most cases, these folks have left comments on this blog at one time or another. In other cases, I was referred to these authors, or, I found them via Technorati.

  3. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks so much for keeping this list going! I am in such good company. :-)

  4. Why do I feel like the schmoe who is the eleventh person to cram into an elevator that comfortably fits ten? LOL

    Hey, Data Mining Research, can you reach over there for me and press Floor 22? Thanks, man.


    -Jeff (Digital Solid)


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