February 19, 2007

Neiman Marcus Event Marketing And Google

Multichannel marketers face considerable challenges in using the online channel to manage brand image and promote their own marketing activities.

Do this simple Google Search: Neiman Marcus Event Marketing

A person who is interested in this topic finds the Neiman Marcus website listed at the bottom of the first ten results. More problematic for Neiman Marcus is that my blog is listed sixth.

Of course, Neiman Marcus pays for their brand name, and is prominently listed in the paid search section of the page.

Multichannel CEOs and CMOs: If Kevin Hillstrom at The MineThatData Blog can outperform your megabrand on simple search terms like Neiman Marcus Event Marketing, you have problems you need to address:
  • Take ownership of your brand. A good way to do this is to have staff write content that is search friendly, so that your customers will find your website when they search Google. Too much energy has been spent on e-commerce --- this energy caused us to not focus enough on owning our brand. The solution could be to follow Google's rules, and manipulate them for your own benefit.
  • Is Google your friend or foe? In this case, Google's algorithm somehow finds me more relevant than the brand equity Neiman Marcus spent decades building. Google likes you if you follow their rules. What is your plan for addressing Google's partial ownership of your brand, especially going forward? What do you do when Google gets bigger, and more influential? Do you trust a partner that ranks The MineThatData Blog higher than your own website?

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  1. Anonymous1:29 PM

    "Take ownership of your brand."

    You are right about focus on e-commerce.

    Interesting to read your take on brand ownership.

    Thanks for enlarging the conversation.

    Keep creating,


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