December 31, 2006

Top Four Articles For December

Here's the content you enjoyed the most during the month of December. Not counting today, you participated in a twenty percent increase in traffic over November, so thank you!

Three sites tied for the fourth most popular post of December.

Fully Understanding The Traffic Your Site Truly Generates
was written late in the month, yet is tied for fourth place. Readers enjoyed the comparison of traffic, links and RSS feeds. Surprisingly, tied for fourth was Kasey Casem's American Top 40. Readers apparently enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane. Finally, American Girl And Molly's Blog tied for fourth place. This was a discussion of the blog on the American Girl website.

Third place goes to our monthly review of Friends of MineThatData, a ranking of direct marketing, database marketing and analytics blogs.

Second place was a brief article that linked to LunaMetrics, titled Do You Like Your Web Analytics Software Package?

First place goes to Coldwater Creek, The Little Engine That Could, a discussion of the evolution of the Coldwater Creek business model from a catalog-centric business to a retail-centric business supported by a website.

The top four posts clearly represent the diversity of the audience. Multichannel topics, web analytics, blogging, peer sites, and an obscure reference to Casey Kasem generally reflect the mix of readers and topics on this blog.

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