December 17, 2006

Light Those Lights!!

UPDATE, WEDNESDAY EVENING: Power came back on Tuesday evening at about 11:00pm. Whew! A big thank you to the hard-working folks at Puget Sound Energy, and especially to the folks who flew in from a dozen western states to help us.

UPDATE, MONDAY EVENING: Power is scheduled to come on in East King County between Thursday and Saturday, a full 7-9 days after the storm hit. It would be interesting to see how the national media dealt with the entire state of Rhode Island not having power for nine days (East King County is about the size of Rhode Island).

Sunday evening is night number four without power, because of the mega windstorm that hit the Pacific Northwest. Still no hope of getting electricity out here in the foothills of King County. Things are starting to get smoggy because so many people are using fireplaces for heat. There is a fine line between our modern civilization and the year 1790. In East King County, we are a road closure on I-90 and Hwy 202 away from being thrust into the year 1790. Anybody have any horses to lend us?

P.S. A big thanks to all the souls arriving from 10+ western states and British Columbia to help us get electricity!

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