December 23, 2006

J. Jill, Coldwater Creek, or an Eddie Bauer Catalog?

Today, this sale catalog came in the mail. Go ahead and click on the image. Do you see the company/brand name anywhere on the cover of this catalog?

I asked my wife who's catalog this was. She guessed it correctly after glancing at the cover for about one second. I asked her how she knew which brand published this catalog. Here is her response:

"It was either a J. Jill catalog because of the font, a Coldwater Creek catalog because of the merchandise, or an Eddie Bauer catalog because of the word 'sale'".

Your turn to participate. Is this a J. Jill catalog, a Coldwater Creek catalog, or an Eddie Bauer catalog?

Here's a more important question that you can answer, on your own, or in the comment section of this post. Is it wise for a company to not mention their brand name on the cover of a catalog? Is this brilliant marketing, or completely bone-headed marketing? What do you think?


  1. My wife says it's Eddie Bauer, because of the color and the word "Sale." "They almost never not offer something," she reports.

  2. Eddie Bauer... the word "sale" should be a giveaway

    Adelino de Almeida

  3. Keep the guesses coming, folks. I will provide the answer on Friday, December 29!

  4. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Definately J.Jill.. just look at the sweaters on the models and the features of accessorries.
    Let's assume that you are mailing your sale catalog to your loyal customers.. just for a minute. Why take the risk that during a busy holiday season they would throw out one of the hundreds of catalogs they receive because they mistake it for Eddie Bauer or ColdWater Creek.. not using the brand is a bonehead move.

  5. Anonymous9:11 AM

    jjill definitely....jus look at those fonts!

  6. Anonymous12:27 AM

    It's a J.Jill catalog. I don't know why it doesn't say so on the front. Perhaps it was a catalog that came in the box with a purchase, so, it was a given? To anyone who keeps up with J.Jill's catalog and clothing knows that this is a no brainer. They have "Sale"s just like Eddie Bauer does. I never knew that Eddie Bauer was supposed to be the only catalog company who has Sales. Coldwater Creek's catalogs are a different size / shape all together ... and the merchandise at Eddie Bauer and Coldwater Creek looks nothing like the items pictured on the front of this catalog...

  7. Anonymous5:37 AM

    My first guess was JJill...because of the model on the left....but the model on the right does'nt look quite like a JJill it is definitly not a Coldwater Creek my Guess is Eddie Bauer.....the three colums and the chunky coat give me that feeling....Melissa

  8. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Font is JJill. However great idea :-) Makes for shopping fun.

  9. Anonymous3:17 PM

    It is absolutely J Jill. The products on the cover are sold in the store-- I know. I work there.


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