December 22, 2006

Friends of MineThatData: December 22, 2006

Here are the top ten Friends of MineThatData for December 22, 2006. Blogs that focus on Web Analytics, Direct Marketing, Database Marketing or Analysis, with a focus on helping others, are eligible for inclusion in this list. If you believe your blog should be included, leave a comment, and I will visit your site for potential inclusion.

1. Occam's Razor = 6.7

2. Juice Analytics = 4.0
3. LunaMetrics = 3.6
4. Rimm-Kaufman Group = 2.3
5. Sports Marketing 2.0 = 1.7
6. Business Enterprise Management = 1.5
7. Digital Solid = 1.3
8. Acxiom Direct = 1.2
9. Marketing Measurement Today = 1.1
10. Tie: Marketing Geek and Customer Experience Matrix = 1.0

Juice Analytics made a nice move this month, as did Sports Marketing 2.0 and Digital Solid. All members of the Friends of MineThatData scored nice increases in their audience, as measured by BlogJuice.


  1. Thanks, Kevin! I was just paying it forward, as I was one of the original Z-List. But I love seeing my name in the title of your blog! And I do highly respect your blog as well. Maybe I will get on your Friends list someday.


  2. Ok, you've been added!

  3. Thanks for including us, Kevin.

    Much appreciated!



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