November 22, 2006

Macy's Pricing

On a commercial this evening, Macy's advertised Friday doorbusters. In the mouse print, they stated that when doorbuster supplies run out, pricing reverts back to normal, with regional differences.

Multchannel pundits --- here's a question for you. Is regional pricing acceptable? Should a customer in Milwaukee pay less than a customer in San Francisco? And how would you recommend Macy's execute their online pricing strategy? How should Macy's price the item online?

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  1. I just closed my Macy's account after a long run-around about an item that I was not able to cancel, although I did it within minutes of buying it online. They not only sent the item, but instructed me that I must send it back and pay for the handling. Then they added charges to my account and charged interest when i did not pay it. I am so angry at Macy's, can you tell?

    I called, I emailed, and all I got were canned replies saying they loved me and would get back to me. Obviously, from my efforts, the canned messages and the "real people" were not "in touch" at all. And the billing dept was NOT in touch with anyone.

    I also have beefs about things offered on wedding registries that were mysteriously "out of stock" after many months of waiting to see whether the order had been shipped.

    They are not up to the job, that's all.

    I quit Macy's, and I will also quit the Bon Marche! Anyone who wants to merge with Macy's is out of their gourd


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