October 11, 2006

Essays From Arthur Middleton Hughes

In my opinion, Arthur Middleton Hughes may have influenced the field of Database Marketing more than any other individual over the past twenty years. A few weeks ago, Mr. Hughes agreed to share his views on a couple of questions. Attached are a pair of essays from Mr. Hughes.

The first essay addresses how to calculate lifetime value when you, as a marketer, have incomplete information. Click here to download the document: Essay #1.

The second essay talks about customer retention. Pundits talk about how it is cheaper to retain a customer than it is to acquire a new customer. Mr. Hughes provides his thoughts on this topic. Click here to download the document: Essay #2.

My thanks to Arthur Middleton Hughes of KnowledgeBase for taking the time to discuss these topics with us!

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  1. Here here!!! Arthur is a legend in this industry. His was the first book that I ever read on Database Marketing and I still use those principles today. The book, in fact, enjoys a permanent spot on my reading shelf. I have also had the extreme pleasure of working with and learning from the man himself. Thank you again Arthur for all of your contributions to this industry.


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