ESPN: The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network

My wife and I are enjoying teriyaki for dinner, watching Monday Night Football (when my beloved Packers are this bad, the next-best-thing to do is to cheer against Chicago and Minnesota), when we observe a new video by Jay-Z, featuring NASCAR and IRL drivers Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Danica Patrick. Tossed-in for good measure are scantily clad women, and clips from yesterday's NFL games.

I'm a football purist, so this isn't how I'd prefer to spend halftime. However, I can see the genius of the person who decided to name this network "ESPN" instead of "SPN" back in 1979.

ESPN stands for the "Entertainment and Sports Programming Network". That "E", as my wife points out, gives ESPN the permission to offer you "Entertainment" during Monday Night Football. ESPN takes advantage of the letter "E" with much of their programming.

All of the companies we work for have little quirks that allow employees to take risks. Google's "Do No Evil" provides boundaries for employees, but also provides unlimited opportunities for doing good. What are examples of company quirks that allow you to take risks you otherwise wouldn't take?