September 13, 2006

This Database Marketer Likes Pepsi Products

The hotel I am staying at is a Coke hotel. All Coke products, all the time.

A Database Marketer can make mistakes analyzing data, based on biases in the database. By being forced to drink Coke, I had a couple of cans today. If Pepsi products were served, I would have enjoyed a half-dozen cans.

According to the hotel database, Coke appears to sell well. As a result, the hotel is encouraged to maintain their relationship with Coke. But as a customer, I am disappointed with both the hotel, and with Coke products.

As long as these biases exist in the data we analyze, there isn't hope that Database Marketers can facilitate a true one-to-one, or a one-to-segment relationship with a customer.

Now if the hotel left free Oreos in the room, I would be willing to forgive the Coke decision!


  1. Hi Kevin,

    This is why the company has to establish a dialog and ask you what you want. Inferences can only take you so far.

  2. Anonymous1:31 PM



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