September 28, 2006

September's Top Four Stories

September saw a fifty percent increase in visitors browsing content on MineThatData. These are the top four stories, measured by the number of hits attributed to each permalink.

Number Four was the post titled "Four Ways An Information Technology Employee Can Get Ideas Heard". This article was well received by the folks who saw it on Reddit.

Number Three is this week's "Four Questions With Ann Handley". Ann is the Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, the sixth ranked Marketing Blog in the world. Her conversational nature was appreciated by our readers.

Number Two was the September 10 edition of The Carnival of Marketing. Readers enjoyed sampling the best marketing posts from early September.

And the Number One article in September is "How Much Do You Really Pay To Watch Football On television?". It was surprising to do the math and see how much National Football League fans have to pay advertisers, in order for the advertising to break-even.

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