September 10, 2006

Carnival of Marketing: September 10, 2006

Welcome to this week's edition of the Carnival of Marketing. My name is Kevin Hillstrom, host of MineThatData, a leading Database Marketing and Customer Dynamics blog.

Many of my loyal readers may not be familiar with the Carnival of Marketing. The Carnival was the brainchild of Noah Kagan. Each week, a different blogger volunteers to host the carnival. Bloggers submit recent, relevant marketing articles that offer the reader actionable solutions. The seven best submissions, as determined by the host, are selected for that week's Carnival.

Given the mission of this Carnival, I attempted to give credit to the posts that met the criteria outlined by Noah. Ranked from Number Seven to Number One, I present you with this week's Carnival of Marketing!

Number 7:
Radical Hop and Peter Kua bring us “Three Personalities Critical to Explosive Business”. Peter hypothesizes that there are three types of people that need to be hired to promote a new business, a new product.

Number 6: Jeff Larche at Digital Solid discusses why “Boomers Aren't Immune to the Branding Power of User-Generated Content”. The topic relates to problems that I deal with on my own blog. My target audience doesn't always align with the people who read my blog. Jeff discusses a situation where the planets align, and a person who does not read blogs indirectly leveraged blogs to make an important purchase decision.

Number 5: David Maister at shares with us “Why Reporters Have PR People”. David writes about the comments of journalist Tommy Fernandez, and his opinion of Public Relations individuals at law firms.

Number 4: Nedra Kline Weinreich, President of Weinreich Communications and the Spare Change blog, brings us a comparison of “Social Marketing verses Social Media Marketing”. Her dissection of these topics created a lively discussion.

Number 3: At, Noah submits “Boring: The Story of YouTube's New Sponsorship Model”. Sometimes, people get caught up in the hype of new media opportunities. Noah presents a different point of view, and received more than a dozen comments because of his point of view.

Number 2: Brian Kim at submitted “How To Get 105,934 Unique Visitors to Your New Blog Along With 2 Million Page Views in 45 Days”. Maybe more important than the meteoric rise in visitors that Brian experienced is his “open book” approach to discussing the marketing of his site. In business, I respect those who openly, humbly and selflessly share actionable knowledge so that others will benefit. Brian accomplished this with his submission.

Number 1: At the Business and Technology Reinvention Blog, David Daniels submits “The Crunch of the Turnaround – Part 1”. David published information from John Scheel, a noted business turnaround expert. The quality of this post is exceptional.

Other good contributions include “Why Have 24 Hour Specials”, “Make Your Contact Information Readily Available On Your Blog”, “Securing The Home Buyer's Place at the Table”, and “The Four P's of Marketing”.

That wrap's up this week's version of the Carnival of Marketing. Next week, please visit MyMoneyForest for another great selection of marketing discussions from the past week. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Carnival of Marketing using the carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found here.


  1. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Thanks for the link, glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Excellent work on the Carnival!

  3. Anonymous10:04 PM

    The contributors make the Carnival easy for me. When they produce great content, it is easy to do the rest!


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