August 15, 2006

Norton Anti-Virus Download Fee

Here is an interesting strategy. I needed to uninstall my Norton Anti-Virus software, due to performance problems the software may be causing on the PC. I went out to their website,, to download another copy of the software I purchased in April. And it was there that I was greeted with a $6.95 fee to again download a copy of the software I licensed this spring. Had I paid more when I purchased the license, I could have had unlimited download opportunities.

I imagine that Symantec earns at least $6.50 profit, if not more, from this transaction. The logic almost seems circular. If their software creates a problem on my PC, I have to pay them to fix the problem they created on my PC.

So I ask this question of those of you who are cross-sell, up-sell, or CRM fans in the audience. Is this a good business practice? As a customer, how do you feel about this? Now put on your CEO or CMO hat. How do you feel about this?

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