Vice President of Digital Marketing, Lands' End

I'm confident that many of you already subscribe to Harry Joiner's E-Commerce Job of the Day (click here to subscribe), so it is likely that you already read the blurb about Lands' End, a company looking to hire a Vice President of Digital Marketing.

There is one sentence in particular that I want for you to focus on ... it is in red below.

  • This is about so much more than just being able to push the buttons. Profitable growth is about having the right mindset -- and helping others embrace it. It will involve helping Lands' End become less catalog dependent. You must be an agent for positive change. Lands’ End has millions of customers in its database, and its goal is to get all of its customers digitally engaged across all digital platforms: tablets, smart phones, desktops, and more.
There is a fundamental, mind-boggling change happening ... finally.

Catalog Marketing isn't dead, as the pundits like to say.  Instead, it is evolving, finding a place in the future of marketing.  That place isn't in the mainstream.  Rather, it is a viable, healthy, profitable place, among customers who love interacting with this form of marketing.

When Lands' End, one of the Founding Fathers of Specialty Catalog Marketing, is publicly stating the new reality of Catalog Marketing, pay attention.

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