July 07, 2024

Sure, Kick Me Out Of Your Community

This smells like a vendor-led strategy.

I'm not a fan of vendor-fueled strategies ... "we will scare the user into keeping the account active." Always interesting, because vendors use their thought leadership platform to recommend wing-nut strategies like this ... but you'll seldom see vendors use strategies like this, will you? It's like the paper/print folks ... telling you that you must continue to mail catalogs but they market to you via email. And by vendors, I don't mean you, the ones reading this. It's the thought leaders who tell you to purge names for no good reason so their articles earn clicks. Seriously, how much was I costing Garmin by being inactive, assuming they are being honest here?

What could Garmin have done?

They might have asked "why" it's been years since I've been active. They might have learned that I traded my RV in (one that did not have navigation) for an RV with navigation that is updated via memory stick. They might have learned I use Google Maps instead of the lousy software provided in the RV I now own.

But honestly, they likely know all of this. It's hard to be in an industry in decline.

So, instead, you treat the customer in a punitive manner.

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