June 25, 2024

History Repeats ... Change is Coming

I see this ...


... and I think back ... for instance, to 2007, when Don Libey discussed exporting knowledge of how to execute direct marketing to people in China and India: https://www.dmnews.com/libey-says-rate-increases-declining-prospecting-monster-dm-trends/.

He also nails the challenges associated with the paper / printing / postage ecosystem and third party vendors.

Yeah, in 2007.

History repeats.

P.S.:  Watch the Euro soccer matches and you are inundated with AliExpress ads. These folks have more money than the GDP of Bolivia. I sense a seismic shift in e-commerce is on the horizon. While you raise prices to counter inflation, the complete opposite is happening elsewhere. Surely Amazon sees the future. And yet, you're helpless to fight the future.

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