May 16, 2024


Here's what I noticed.

On March 11, 2024, we were all sent home for a few months due to COVID. Folks will say the world changed on that day, and they're not wrong.

E-commerce, however, changed that day, and almost nobody will talk about it. Sure, they'll bring up the fact that with higher interest rates you can't get funded by anybody anymore ... and that is right, but is misses what is actually happening. Maybe folks don't talk about you becoming a media company because they can't see it.

E-commerce didn't change for Amazon ... they're not really dealing in e-commerce, they're dealing in world domination. It's different for Amazon. But with tens of thousands of startup-minded folks sitting at home, e-commerce became something different.  It's easy to miss this fact. Once you see it, you cannot unsee it.

Let me describe commerce in my world. On March 11, 2020, I had very few competitors. I could charge $45,000 for a project and nobody would blink an eye. On March 12, 2024, I had 20x as many competitors, and those folks would charge $4,500 for the project I'd charge $45,000 for ... and some of you chose to hire those folks #costsavings. It took YEARS for you to figure out that those folks were charging $4,500 because they knew 10x less than other people knew. So in my world, there were a lot more competitors .... they marketed differently (and they marketed MUCH better than I did), forcing me to change how I do everything I do (have you notice there is a focus on merchandise these days?).

Can I show you one of their email campaigns? I'll show it to you in several steps. Here we go. Click on any of the images to research a bit more, ok?

In the same email communication, they are promoting the following.
  • Product = Mini Quilts.
  • Inside the Hoop YouTube episode.
  • Podcast on Machine Embroidery.
  • YouTube Tutorials.
  • New Blog Post.
  • New Blog Post on 15 Machine Embroidery Projects.
  • Sign Up for SMS Text Messages.

Do you promote your YouTube episodes via Email?

Do you promote your Podcast via Email?

Do you promote tutorials via Email?

Do you promote new blog posts via Email?


What do you promote via Email?

I love how the "omnichannel" folks put you on blast mode for not doing what they demand, and yet, they never demand video tutorials, podcasts, blog posts, community etc. They just want you to send information via paper, they want you to keep expensive stores open, and they want you to discount anywhere between 30% and 70%. "Spend Monday with us as we critique Cyber Monday deals!"

They are wrong. I mean, what you see above is a stunning display of "omnichannel" strategy ... honestly, I call this "hustle". KimberBell is hustling.

People started building modern e-commerce businesses on March 12, 2020. They were at home, they were bursting with creativity.

Today, too many of us are so ... far ... behind the curve ... me included! I've failed. I mean, why am I writing this to you? I let people with 30 years less experience charge 1/10th as much for the project work I perform ... and some of you chose them. Ask yourself why?

It's time to get busy. You are a media company ... with the notable difference that you shift monetization from advertising to e-commerce.

Send me your thoughts ( You are not allowed to say "this won't work for us". Do you see yourself as a media company? You are allowed to answer "no".

P.S.:  I've mentioned my headphone obsession many times ... much of it happened because I watched YouTube videos produced by I've explained through the years that you are a media company, and as such, your responsibilities have changed. Here's an article (free link to the WSJ article click here) that helps you understand what is happening with YouTube (and this is just the app on televisions ... not counting laptop, desktop, or mobile hours spent on YouTube). You are a media company.

P.P.S.:  Speaking of being a media company, here's what I'm watching right now ... these folks are spending 3 hours talking about headphone amps in a live stream watched by 16,000 people out of 120,000 subscribers. I mean, think about those numbers. It's just silly. You are a media company. And yes, I am a NERD. But being a nerd doesn't mean I am wrong.

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