April 21, 2024

Your Low-Cost Items

In most of my projects in the past nine months, the importance of having "something" at a low price repeats ... a recurring theme if you will. A low-cost item that customers love generates new customers, causes existing customers to move up the loyalty chain, and gives best customers something to purchase on auto-pilot.

You already know I'm well down the headphone rabbit hole. After settling on over-ear open-back headphones, I've dabbled in corded iems (in-ear monitors). My starting point? A $24.99 pair of 7Hz x Crinacle Zero:2 iems. They were the gateway drug that led me to a better pair of iems (click here). The low-priced item was of such spectacular (sound) quality that I spent more.

You have a low-cost item like the iems I mentioned above. Promote that thing from the rooftops. Make sure every customer and prospect knows WHY they MUST purchase that item.

Do the opposite of the "Macy's Strategy" of constantly playing games with prices. Offer something at a spectacular value and use that item as a key tactic in your marketing plan.

Make sense?

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