April 30, 2024

Lifestage ... or LFS

In my Merchandise Dynamics projects, I tag every order with the Life Stage the customer is at on that order. If it is the 4th order for the customer, then LFS = 4.

Your items do not distribute equally across your customer base. Some items are preferred by first-time buyers. Some items are liked by Google/Facebook. Other items are time-tested, preferred by your best customers.

It is important to tag each item in your merchandising database ... you can make this easy for your merchandising team.

  • Very Early in Customer Life Stage.
  • Early in Customer Life Stage.
  • Middle of Customer Life Stage.
  • Late in Customer Life Stage.
  • Very Late in Customer Life Stage.
Load this information for your merchandising team, so they can actually see "who" buys the products they work so hard to make available for customers.

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