April 23, 2024

I Promise This Will Eventually Be A Business Post ... But First ...

On Monday night, a furious finish to the 76ers/Knicks game was captured by three announcing teams.

On TBS, legendary Milwaukee Brewers announcer Brian Anderson shows you what a professional, unbiased approach sounds like (click here and watch through the 5:26 mark).

Ok, here's the best NBA announcer ... Mike Breen ... calling the game on MSG for Knicks fans ... notice a difference in tone (click here)?

Yes, I saved the best for last. This is the camera that is set up to monitor the Knicks radio team. They have to paint a picture for their audience. Listen to the crowd noise, the tension created by old-school organ music, blood-curdling screams from the Knicks faithful, the detail from the play-by-play announcer ... and watch the color commentator go from depression to hope to delirium to having to calmly analyze the situation (click here) ... she just snaps into "professional mode". How blessed are Knicks fans to have her to listen to? Wow.

What does this have to do with your business?

Do you remember the J. Peterman character on Seinfeld? This was the "peak catalog" era of the mid-90s, when catalogs ... yes, catalogs ... were part of the plot of a TV show watched by 35,000,000 people each week.

Extra credit if you can tell me what line he's saying there ... hint, it is about J. Peterman employee "Zach".

Well, the character was an obvious parody of the actual founder of the J. Peterman catalog ... which went from zero to sixty in 3.9 seconds before fully imploding due to inventory management issues. However, the text associated with the creative aligned a lot more with the commentary of the Knicks radio announcers than the admittedly good national call by Brian Anderson on TBS.

Now it's about you.

Take a look at this Venture No-Pull Harness from In The Company of Dogs. Better yet, read the copy associated with the item.

As J. Peterman once said in an episode of Seinfeld ... "well, that's a lot of words".

Why in the name of Gary Comer does everything in the Omnichannel Thesis have to be so ... darn ... boring? 


I mean, you page down from that yawner and immediately you have a customer named "Halter" who talks about her three-legged chihuahua / terrier mix ... immediately the customer is doing a better job than the copywriter.

You have somebody in your company who has passion for what you sell ... somebody similar to the radio color commentator for the Knicks. Why not give that person some latitude to sell with a bit of passion?

Test it ... what do you have to lose?

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