December 12, 2023

Try A Compliment

I was in a meeting last week where an individual tore through people and processes, lavishing criticism as if being paid by the critique.

After the meeting, I posted this poll on Twitter (click here). It only received 35 votes, but the outcome of the vote is what is interesting.

  • Based on the structure of the question, it would take 10 compliments to equal the damage done by 1 criticism.
  • One individual commented that "people are soft".
About a decade ago, I was in a meeting ... the department head joined me in the bathroom after causing a staff member to cry. What did this person say about it?
  • "Why are people so soft?"

Not long after that meeting, the professional lost many members of the staff the professional was responsible for.

I realize the pundits like it when a "strong leader" demeans others. Demeaning others leads to clicks, resulting in people getting paid or earning "engagement".

If you want to be an effective leader, try offering a compliment. Catch people doing good things, and say something about it.

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