November 07, 2023

The Look

I only spent one year working for an agency. Wowzer. There were times when the Executive sitting across the table from me would look at the team of people brought in to "pitch" different ideas and offer this glare (bonus points if you know which commercial this is from).

People either come to you because of your message, or you go to people to push a message. You take a risk when you push a message. You don't know what the person across the room / across the Zoom really wants, and they didn't ask you to be presenting in front of them in the first place.

These vendor / client "pitches" are wonky things, aren't they?

I recall in my "agency year" flying to Los Angeles for a client "pitch". We had our sales person, myself, and three "digital" analysts. On the plane to Los Angeles our three digital analysts saw me rehearsing my presentation. One of the analysts said "we're going out tonight, we'll put our presentation together before our 9:00am meeting, heck, it's just our standard deck so it isn't like we have to work that hard."


Needless to say, their half-hour "pitch" didn't go very well.

I'd advise not being an expert at presenting a standard powerpoint "deck".

Humans are interesting creatures.

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