October 24, 2023

Call 'em

When you run an Inflection Points analysis, you quickly see a first-time buyer relationship that is impossible to miss.

The customer is hyper-responsive for, at most, two months.

If you know that ahead of time, what can you do to encourage more of these customers to purchase, before they hit an "inactive" inflection point?

One client had a model ... based on the attributes of the first purchase, if the customer fell into the top ten percent of first-time buyers based on model score, the client performed an outbound call to the first-time buyer within 10 days of a first purchase. It was a simple script:

  • Did you receive your order?
  • Was there any problem with your order?
  • Is there anything you should have purchased that you didn't purchase? Because if the answer is yes, we'll expedite shipping to your home/office.
Just stupid-positive results. I saw the results. Stupid-positive.

Tell me what stops you from executing some version of this analysis?

Yes - I'll create a model for you to identify the best first-time buyers if you'd like to go down this path with your Inflection Points analysis. Email me now (kevinh@minethatdata.com) ... and if you purchased a copy of Hillstrom's Business Review you get a 30% pricing benefit through the end of the month ... a process I've always done with new products and especially new booklets.

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