September 19, 2023

Inflection Points

In one instance, the customer had a 30% chance of buying again next year, but if the customer accepted merchandise on subscription, the customer had an 80% chance of buying next month via subscription. AOVs went down, product diversity went down, but the customer was considerably more profitable.

That is an Inflection Point.

In another instance, the customer bought for the first time in November 2021, then bought again in December 2022, and bought for a third time in May 2023. The May 2023 purchase was an Inflection Point ... the customer changed behavior ... going from a Christmas shopper to adding a new season.

Every business possesses customers who navigate through Inflection Points. Customer behavior "changes", and changes are generally good when tied to purchases.

If you could list five inflection points that your customers go through, what would they be?

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