September 03, 2023

Behind The Curve

Tee hee!

Think of the difference a day makes.

On Friday, September 1 Deion Sanders was the confident/arrogant new coach of a college football team that went 1-11 last year. He brought in eighty-six (86) new players ... so much for the concept of a student-athlete ... he was a day away from game one. He had, let's say, some "doubters".

After his son (the quarterback) threw for more than 500 yards in a 45-42 win at TCU, Sanders held his first post-game press conference as Colorado head coach. It was something to behold (click here). 

If you've ever been doubted in your life, you'd like to to do this ... of course, it isn't a good look for most of us to do this.

When you are behind the curve, you doubt. Have you ever read the nasty articles about Amazon from the catalog community in the old DM News, circa 2002? As Deion would say, "do you believe now?"

Once reality hits, you want to jump on board (hence, the tweet above).

There's a customer acquisition reckoning coming. I can yell at you all day long about it, but 2024 is the year when, if you are behind the curve on this topic, you pay a price. Forecast your business accurately for 2024, and then do something about it, before business does something to you as a result of being behind the curve.

P.S.: Speaking of behind the curve ... from 2007:

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