July 25, 2023

One Little Detail In The Report

Here's our report from yesterday.

The business cratered in June 2022. Instinctively, we'd assume that unwinding of the COVID-bump is to blame.

But there's a tidbit here, in this report, that we cannot ignore.

How many new items were introduced in the year ending June 2021?

  • 1,567 new items generating $6.9 million.
So in the year ending June 2021, the peak year of the COVID-bump, while generating $43.5 million in demand, this brand was already imperiled. You just couldn't see it because the overall business was SO GOOD.

This brand cut back on product introductions (and there may have been perfectly good reasons for this ... supply chain issues, work from home issues, cost of goods issues) that year, introducing 1,567 items that generated $6.9 million (instead of the $10.3 million generated the year prior from 3,741 new items).

Tomorrow we'll explore the consequences of that decision.

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