July 05, 2023

Ever Have This Happen?

Have you ever worked at a company? Yes! Ok.

Have you ever worked at a company where you had a really good department head? This woman knew her stuff inside-and-out, her employees respected her, her co-workers got along with her, and she got stuff done. She protected you from the lunatics you are frequently subjected to.

And then ... something happened. Some cauliflower head is given her job. This guy knows nothing. He adheres to industry phrases like "move fast and break things".

He breaks things.

He cannot get along with people.

He seems to take pleasure when demeaning other people.

He might be corrupt ... it's hard to tell because you have incomplete information, but it seems like he might make more money than just his salary.

He might have inappropriate relationships with other individuals.

HR has a file on him that they'd love to share but can't share.

We've all been through it.

The person doesn't last terribly long - maybe a few years (years that seem like a decade).

Then it takes a half-decade to fix everything broken by the menace ... if the business doesn't go bankrupt.

Our modern world seems more likely to embrace this scenario than "back in the day". Profit was too darn important back in the day.

Even when somebody burns everything down, somebody always comes in and fixes things. It might not be at the same company (it might happen at a competitor), but things do get fixed. There's a time and season for everything, and sometimes the end of something aligns with the appointment of a cauliflower head.

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