July 11, 2023

An Example

Yesterday we talked about a different method for financial brands to fund growth ... here is an example of what we were talking about (click here). 

These concepts require significant long-term value from acquired customers.

A common e-commerce brand with a 28% annual rebuy rate "might" be a candidate for this style of financial assistance, especially with 70% gross margins. This combination leads to healthy long-term customer value.

There's a reason so many of you took advantage of my Marketing Budget Experiments pilot program (actual program cost is outlined here) ... the most successful product launch I've ever had. Money is no longer cheap, artificial growth via the COVID-bump is long gone, and we really need to take an honest look at 2024 and beyond.

I'm not saying you should avoid self-funding your brand ... I'm saying you should have long-term goals and have access to whatever you need to achieve your long-term goals. That may or may not require outside assistance.

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