April 04, 2023

So What Do You Do?

I talked yesterday about how Chat GPT, the popular AI tool, offered a "trained opinion" that the value of my projects were worth between a few thousand dollars and tens of thousands of dollars (click here).

We're headed down an interesting path.

Assume you are a digital analyst ... you grew up in the era of Google Analytics. Five years from now or ten years from now when the software application (which put CRM-style analysts out of work) is tied in with AI and reports are automatically written by the app, what will you do?

Most marketing analytics are going to be automated by AI. You won't need an analyst when the AI can draw comparable conclusions. Yeah, I can hear you yelling at me already ... "we can't be replaced, we provide too much value." You replaced the prior generation ... some poor IT guy writing C++ or Easytrieve was displaced by you ... you will be displaced by what comes next. That's how capitalism works.

Marketing and Marketing Analytics can easily be automated, and will be automated.

Merchandise Analytics can be automated, but is fluid and changing (especially in fashion) and will be automated far later in the process than Marketing Analytics will be. Inventory Management will be automated. Knowing what is likely to sell next? Knowing which categories matter most and are interdependent upon each other? That problem will be solved later. It will be solved, but later.

So if you want to buy yourself some time?

Focus on merchandise analytics. Your company needs you, and you can find a niche that protects you for awhile.

P.S.:  I get it, the automation might take 20 years to happen. Most likely. But what if it happens in four years? Start planning, folks. You can adapt!

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