March 01, 2023

There Goes Google ... A Channel All By Itself

In a recent project, here's what the data told us about Google.
  • 7.8% of sales were derived from one specific Category.
  • 20.4% of all sales attributed to Google were from this category.
  • 75% of sales attributed to Google were from first-time buyers.

Again, you can preach a seamless/frictionless customer experience, and that's fine. Preaching sameness?


Google does what it wants, and it attracts customers with specific interests. Your bidding strategy interacts with customers possessing specific interests. The result is a customer that is not representative of your overall category mix among customers.

Get to know how customers, channels, and categories interact. Then do something about what you learn via all of the marketing tactics you possess. Or hire me (click here please) and we'll get busy discovering all of these interesting relationships.

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