February 01, 2023

Different Channels, Different Selling Styles

Take your Top-100 best sellers from last week, and then measure where each item ranks among your most important marketing channels. This analysis tells you what the future holds ... items selling well at your Call Center are gonna have problems in the future, for instance.

Here were results from one company, for one good-selling item.

  • Item = 12th best selling for the week 10/9 - 10/15.
  • Call Center = 12th best selling item.
  • Online = 23rd best selling item.
  • Email = 567th best selling item.
  • Search = 20th best selling item.
  • PLA = 658th best selling item.
Meanwhile, here's the results for another good-selling item.
  • Item = 13th best selling item for the week 10/9 - 10/15.
  • Call Center = 40th best selling item.
  • Online = 8th best selling item.
  • Email = 83rd best selling item.
  • Search = 18th best selling item.
  • PLA = 33rd best selling item.
One final good-selling item.
  • Item = 84th best selling item for the week 10/0 - 10/15.
  • Call Center = 915th best selling item.
  • Online = 121st best selling item.
  • Email = 5th best selling item.
  • Search = 149th best selling item.
  • PLA = 110th best selling item.
The first item is a good seller across all channels, but is ignored by the email marketing team. Work with your email marketing team to see if the item can be featured more often, given how well the item sells.

The second item skews online, but isn't as good a seller via the Call Center. This item represents more of the future of the brand, given the Call Center vs. Online mix with this item.

The third item is being almost entirely driven by email. In my projects, it is common for items to sell well in email marketing but not as well elsewhere, frequently due to pricing promotions. However, there is an old adage that "you sell what you feature" ... and items featured in email are likely to sell better.

The future of your brand (i.e. the types of products you are going to sell in the future) is told via this analysis. Perform the analysis and see what it tells you.

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