February 27, 2022

Product Preference

Here's a graph I observed a few weeks ago. Look at what the author of the graph suggests happened to e-commerce post-lockdown.

Maxine Nightingale authored a song called "Right Back Where We Started From" ... the title is appropriate for modern e-commerce. We're back on trend. How a foreign war impacts the trend remains to be seen.

This means that Customer Acquisition is going to be really important ... and in e-commerce you have Facebook performance crumbling (and getting more expensive) after Apple's changes ... and you have Google becoming more expensive as well. In catalog marketing you have the great paper shortage of 2022. As a marketer, your sources for "cheap names at scale" are ending.

Which means you are going to have to focus on what you sell and sell it in a manner that increases merchandise productivity so that you can exceed the pace of increased costs in marketing activities. You need better merchandise productivity so you can attract more customers who pay you back (with interest) in the future.

Every customer has a product preference. We'll talk more about product preferences in upcoming posts.

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