January 30, 2022


You probably saw this eleven days ago (click here).

There are two things that are hard to forecast.

  1. When the COVID-bump ends for your brand (it ended for most brands over the past year).
  2. When the growth of your brand will naturally end because you saturate your market (i.e. everybody who was going to buy a Peloton buys a Peloton, leaving you with few customers to target).
You are always ... ALWAYS ... better off not having enough product for your customers. If you think you could sell 100 widgets, plan to sell 85 widgets. You will train the customer to buy a widget before widgets run out, and you won't be left with 12 widgets when you only sell 88 of them ... you'll sell 85 and the public perceives you are running short of merch because of high demand.

You always want the public to perceive you are sold out than for the public to perceive that you need to discount because you can't sell what you have.

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