December 15, 2021

Wired Headphones

According to the NY Times, they're "hot" right now (click here).

Data isn't cited to support the thesis. In these articles, whether it is LPs or the resurgence of catalogs, you don't see data cited ... there is the obligatory reference to Millennials or Gen-Z or Tik-Tok users, obviously, but not data.

I realize we seem to crave things that happened in the past, and we want them to "come back". Which, obviously, isn't how the world works.

Make 2022 your year of "Experimentation". Try different things. Learn as much as you can. 2020-2021 were years of just trying to survive. In 2022, figure out a path to the future, not a path tethered to the past.

You can do this!

P.S.: If you live anywhere between Colorado and Western Wisconsin you experienced an incredible storm on Wednesday. What's interesting is that even though this style of weather (typical for April or May) hasn't ever really happened in the past four decades in December, the computer models were able to decipher it days ahead of time and accurately forecast what was coming. As we head into 2022, I'm being asked to forecast what the next few years might look like for some of you. Every one of you has somebody at your company who forecasts the future. This is one of the most important jobs in your company. There's no reason why a lot of you couldn't become "that person". It's a good job to have, and you get to interact a lot with Management, learning how business works. 

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